BizTalk 2013 heavy investment for healthcare

If you still think BizTalk is dead I command you to stop thinking this, after the MVP Summit a total of around 10 Integration MVPs (The BizTalk part) Had lots of talks with Microsoft marketing and the product group of BizTalk, and we the clients/users are in for a win!

So for everyone working within medical / hospital / healthcare Microsoft has really put together something great for us!

We all know the MLLP Adapter and the different problems around it. The biggest one is the performance. There are many uses of the MLLP adapter, a lot of companies around the world using the MLLP adapter requires ordered delivery. In the existing adapter it simply consumes one message and ensure it finishes the instance before it starts a new one. A lot like a singleton or a queue.

This is where the changes come. In BizTalk 2013 the BizTalk MLLP Adapter can handle multiple files and still provide ordered delivery. In Microsofts test it shows 300-500% better performance.

This shows the commitment from Microsoft on health care and HL7.

If you haven’t had the time yet go ahead and download BizTalk2013 and play around with it.

There are a lot more performance optimization and configuration improvements, I’ll blog more about this as soon as BizTalk 2013 is officially released since a lot of this still is NDA.

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