BizTalk administrator Deep Dive Ready

We have now finished of with the review of the BizTalk Administrator Deep Dive course. MVP Steef-Jan Wiggers and the rest of Ordina provided a review of the new course. We are now ready to move on.

So a lot of fun have happened the last couple of days, and weeks. I finished of with the rest of the course. I’ve written some about it here, but the main topics are

  • A deep dive into how BizTalk works
  • Performance optimizing and high availability of BizTalk
  • Monitoring, health checking and creating a good guideline

The training takes three days and each topic takes one day including labs. The price is 4495 USD per attendee, minimum payment is for 5 people. We do provide group discounts contact me for more information. As mentioned this is now confirmed and finished with great reviews by MVP Steef-Jan Wiggerse, he wrote

“Tord has provided an excellent BizTalk Administrators deep dive course/training for me and my colleagues. He is highly knowledgeable on all topics concerning BizTalk administration, and provided a valuable, interactive training. Finally he has a great personality and good sense of humor.”  – January 31, 2012

Not only that I have also created 5 more Wiki Articles on the TechNet Wiki you can find all my contributions here.

And for all people in Norway, sign up for the next Norwegian BizTalk User group meeting where I will discuss the following topics:

  • Promotion of the right data for administrators
  • Good error messages both in event log and the “known” errors that fail in the hub
    • Examples of good and bad
  • How to create order in the applications (tidiness, recycling, own “resource / referenced” applications, and recommendations about this).
  • Tracking and explain how it works in BizTalk and what it can be used to
  • Develop and follow best practice
    • Versioning of files
    • scenarios of bad and good
    • Impacts that may occur with the “wrong” development

Sign up can be done on the LinkedIn page by hitting”like” on the thread.

I am also working together with Steef-Jan Wiggers, Howard S. Eididin and Andres Del Rio as a co-author to the new BizTalk admin book that will come out this year! More information will be given when we get closer to a release date!

If you have any questions let me know!


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