BizTalk + Event log = angry admins

So, I got a bone to pick up with the developers out there. This is how you use the event log. There are “three types” of BizTalk people (let’s skip architects etc.). BizTalk Developer, Administrators/Operators and DevOps. I’m not saying I’m perfect (none of us are, but I’ve seen my fair share of mistakes, errors and messed up environments, and I’ve done a few of them myself).

So what is the event log, what is the purpose of the event log? First of all it holds information related to different aspects in BizTalk, the one most used by admins is the one regarding “applications”.

When we conduct health checks we check for any spamming of the event log. So what is meant by all this?

In general the event log is not projected for you to write messages to it during the application unless it delivers an actual win for the BizTalk Administrator. So adding an event saying “Message received” or “Message failed” without giving any valuable info is not acceptable and it should not be there.

Recognize that the event log is a vital tool for us to be able to troubleshoot problems with DTC, COM+, Systems, BizTalk Server (not your application). If a message fails to make the error message in the group hub better, if the message is received and we need to know we’ll use BAM or the DTA.

Keep the event log clean and tidy. Writing to the event log is in general not acceptable.

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