BizTalk Configuration: Failed adding the FILE Adapter

Have you seen this error during configuration? I have! The group configured smoothly but the runtime keeps failing?

In most of the scenarios it’s due to MSDTC problems, but not always. don’t let all the blog posts around there confuse you, if DTCTester and DTCPing is stating everything is okay, then it probably is.

In a multi-server environment the MSDTC can be too much to handle, and sadly the tools like DTCPing or even DTCTester indicates no errors. So why isn’t configuration working. I end up as a “last solution” often to help them with BizTalk Configuration.

Don’t forget my BizTalk Configuration Checklist.

Check the following:

  • Verify that the roles for COM+ Networking and MSDTC incoming and outgoing communications¬†under application server is installed on ALL machines
  • verify that the SSO User have read access to the Failover Cluster.

The above points should finally let the runtime run in smoothly and as expected. hope this helps!

Happy BizTalkin’!

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