Discount for on-site BizTalk Admin DeepDive training!

The next few months I have some free time for on-site training, together with my company we have decided to give a discount on on-site training for all my followers and blog readers all around the world. We are giving 500 USD discount to all attendees. Not only that but the minimum sign-ups have been changed to 3 people. So you can get on-site training for 3 people for only 11,985USD /original price would be  13,485 USD  )plus travel expenses and hotel.

So to give you some more information about the deep dive admin course. It’s the only deep dive course covering the following in-depth:

Focus for this Deep Dive course will be to provide you with in-depth knowledge on how it all works, what really happens when a message is received by BizTalk how does it flow through BizTalk.

It will guide you to locate bottlenecks and perform tuning of the BizTalk environment. It also covers how to utilize the resources available on the BizTalk servers to optimize performance and sustain a stable setup. It will provide you with the tools to stay ahead of increase in traffic and load on your BizTalk environment. We will discuss how to set up a framework , and best practices for requirements towards the development department.

As BizTalk grows, it is increasingly important to keep the server operational and ready for any unforeseen circumstances, making sure that the health of the BizTalk environment is good and within the recommended values.  It is important for a BizTalk administrator is to be proactive, and act on any issues that may occur in BizTalk. This course will provide you with the tools and views you need to identify any difficulties regarding the current state of your BizTalk environment; it will also give you a good overview of how to predict the future health of the installed system.

Cost reducing initiatives, is one of the main factors when considering optimizing the performance of a BizTalk environment. This course will teach you the ability to tune the environment to perform better and provide a more reliable throughput in BizTalk server. In addition to show you how to tune the environment, this topic also covers how to tune down an application in order to give high latency but with a low throughput

Monitoring the BizTalk environment during errors situations and on a regular basis, is important in order to be aware of any issues. In addition to the health check, this topic will cover how to proper monitor and calculate time frames different messages should complete within. It will also give you information on how to use the tools provided with BizTalk to monitor live information from your installation.

It will give you information about how to be proactive, and it will give you information about the proper way proactivity is measured in BizTalk!

This course can be tailored to fit your environment and the way BizTalk is installed at your company.

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