Swedish BizTalk User Group October 18th

If you happen to live in Stockholm and work with BizTalk you should hurry up and get one of the last spots at the next Swedish BizTalk User Group meeting, me and Steef-Jan Wiggers are on stage talking about “BizTalk Server Administration Aspects”. As I’m writing this there is only 9 spots left!

This is the first time you’ll see both of us on stage in Sweden.

Here are the information:

Program (times are approximations)
18:00 Supportability of BizTalk Server, Steef-Jan Wiggers
19:00 Break with food/snack
19:30 Being prepared for the unknown, Tord Glad Nordahl

Supportability of BizTalk Server In many projects involving BizTalk Server supportability is overlooked or not part of the initial project plan. Administrators responsible for supporting the BizTalk Server environment are not involved at the beginning, during the deployment of the environment or are pulled into a project at the very end. This will lead to increasing costs of supporting the BizTalk environment as the administrators are ill prepared, poorly trained or may lack the necessary skills, and even worse given a poor performing and/or unhealthy BizTalk environment to support. This talk will provide the audience the necessary set of tools. It will provide a process that can followed up and guidance to have a sustainable and robust BizTalk environment that can be efficiently supported by BizTalk administrators.

Being prepared for the unknown There will always come a time when you may experience problems or even complete stops in your BizTalk environment, how is this best caught without using tool like SCOM or even BizTalk360 where can you fill in the gaps that is missing in the current monitoring tools. What areas do you need to take a good look at what is needed to be well prepared to prevent melt-downs or even other kinds of failures. Where and what are the BizTalk Administrator responsible for when it comes to high availability of a BizTalk Environment.

Steef-Jan Wiggers Steef-Jan is IT architect/Consultant (motion10) with over 13 years of experience as a technical lead developer and application architect, specializing in custom applications, enterprise application integration (BizTalk), Web services and Windows Azure. He has experience in architecting, designing, developing, and supporting sophisticated and innovative software using many different Microsoft technologies and products. Steef-Jan is very active in BizTalk community as blogger, Wiki author/editor, forums, writer and public speaker. He has been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award (2010) for his contributions to the world-wide BizTalk Server community. He has been re-awarded July 2011 and July 2012. On his personal blog (Azure Thoughts, EAI Challenges) and BizTalkAdminsBlogging he shares his knowledge around BizTalk, Windows Azure (ServiceBus) and Microsoft integration technology in general. His certifications are: MCSD, MCSD.NET, MCSA, MCDBA, MCAD, MCTS: BizTalk Server 2006, BizTalk Server 2006 R2 and BizTalk Server 2010. Steef-Jan is the author of the BizTalk Server 2010 Cookbook, published 5th of April 2012.

Tord Glad Nordahl Tord Glad Nordahl is a well-known BizTalk Administrators, he currently works at Bouvet in Norway and his main focus is advising and helping out during failures for different clients, as well as setup, configuration of new and upgraded environments. He has been working with BizTalk for well over 4 years and have in-depth knowledge of BizTalk Administration. He is an active contributor to the BizTalk community and has written numerous articles on TechNet. He is currently also co-authoring the first BizTalk Administrator book. He has done presentations world-wide. You can also follow a lot of his findings and best practices on his blog. He is also the creator of the BizTalk Administration Deep Dive course by Bouvet.

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