WCF on Windows 8

So all People out there, I’m up to Windows 8 and I love it. I’ve heard a lot of bad experiences but I find it cool to not have the start button, and my daughter can use the computer even easier now.

Anyways, I use this computer for work, so I had to install all the programs I usually have, SQL Server 2012, Visual Studio, BizTalk 2013 and of course BizTalk360. It all went smooth, IIS was installed without a hassle, however I did experience one thing.

So when you install IIS With .NET 4.5 and 3.5 you need to make sure to install the elements you need from the .NET Framework. (located under Windows Features)windowsfeatures

In my case I missed the HTTP activation, when this was done the 404.17 error was gone and I didn’t see anymore of the error HttpWebRequest_WebException_RemoteServer in BizTalk360

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