2012 Recap!

So it’s been a long year and a lot of things have happened, I wanted to highlight all this in my recap of 2012!

The first BizTalk Admin book was canceled in an agreement with us authors and PackT, me and Steef-Jan Wiggers are working on a new one, so stay tuned it will come out in 2013, the focus will of course be around BizTalk 2013 and BizTalk Administration.

The beginning of 2012 started with a lot of work that needed to be done. We finished of the BizTalk administration deep dive course, and the review by Steef-Jan Wiggers at Ordina was a blast and the feedback was very satisfying. We hosted the first training in Stavanger Norway in April (class was full booked in 48 hours) after that we’ve had several on-site and on-prem trainings.

My blog posts and TechNet Wiki articles pop up everywhere. People like Nino Crudele were one of those mentioning my articles regarding throttling and thresholds. Steef-Jan Wiggers also had a great interview with me in his series of introducing BizTalk community members. I was also interviewed again by Steef-Jan on the TechNet Wiki Official Blog!

My contributions to the TechNet Wiki has reached 84 you can find all contributions I’ve created or help out with here even some of them hit the weekly featured article. My favorite article is the BizTalk Server 2010 Host Throttling even containing a video to show an example.

I became a contributor to the www.biztalkadminsblogging.com and to the Offical TechNet Wiki Blog.

I’m also responsible for approving all Norwegian translations on the TechNet Wiki if you use the Translation Widget.

I’ve been around Norway and the rest of Europe performing health checks and learning more and are currently up to flight count of 176 trips on an airplanes this year.

The amount of presentations I’ve held so this year has been a few

Norwegian User Group February 21st

Presenting: How to develop with an Administrator in Mind

You can read more about it here:

London Connected user group May 10th

Presenting: How to develop with an Administrator in Mind.

You can read more about it here:

OverNet BizTalk Innovation Event in Italy May 24th:

Together with many MVPs I was so lucky to do a talk about thresholds and automatic throttling

You can read more about it here:

Bouvet BizTalk Innovation Event September 26-27

Together with the rest of the BizTalk Crew (Saravana Kumar, Steef-Jan Wiggers, Nino Crudele, Sandro Perieira) and Lex Hegt


Swedish BizTalk User groups October 18th

I will continue to do my talk about thresholds and automatic throttling in BizTalk.

BizTalk Summit 2012 Seattle

Though I did not speak I attended the event, and I know have a lot more knowledge of the fantastic future of BizTalk.

And a lot more smaller presentations around Norway and Europe.

So what’s happening next year?

We have only scheduled some of the events, and these are the once I’m participating in

BizTalk Summit London 2012

The BizTalk summit in London January 16th


Bouvet BizTalk Innovation Event 25-26th of September

More info will come later, but speakers are ready:

Saravana Kumar, Steef-Jan Wiggers, Nino Crudele, Sandro Perieira, Kent Weare and of course me doing the introduction and wrap-up

Rumor has it you will see me and the rest of the BizTalk Crew in Italy, Portugal, Netherlands and maybe somewhere else, stay tuned!

My on-call service

You may have seen I have my phone number on this blog, and of course if failure occurs its good to have someone to call, we got Microsoft but of course calling me could be an easier way for many. I’ve had a total of 32 people over the phone this year the majority from India. It has been a pleasure. When it comes to mail I have no idea how many mails I’ve gotten but well over a hundred.


A special thanks to Microsoft, Mandi Ohlinger, Nitin Mehrotra, Kent Brown, MVPs Steef-Jan Wiggers, Richerd Seroter, Saravana Kumar, Nino Crudele, Sandro Pereira, Michael Stephenson, Mikael Håkonssen, Johan Hedberg, Kent Weare, Mick from Australia, Community members, Lex Hegt, Henrik Roth and many more for being good friends and hanging out with this N3RD!

This section is dedicated to people linking to me, or referring to any of my articles:

http://soa-thoughts.blogspot.no/ – Steef-Jan Wiggers
http://ninocrudele.me/ – Nino Crudele
biztalkadminsblogging.com – BizTalk Admins all over the world, MVPs and community members
blogs.digitaldeposit.net – Biztalk360 – MVP Saravana Kumar
GeeksWithBlogs – MVP Leonid Ganeline
BizTalkia.blogspot.com – Community Member Lex Hegt
dpsbali-biztalkweblog.blogspot.in  – Community Member DPS Bali!
shaileshbiztalk.blogspot.com – Community Member Shailesh Kawade
mitchvanhelden.blogspot.com – Community Member Mitch VanHelden
Thing integration – Don’t really know who’s the real author, but they refer to me

THERE ARE MANY MORE, but these are some of the referrals, of course search engines like bing, google etc. generated a lot of hits! So to all of you, thank you very much, words can’t explain how much I appreciate this.

But most important my readers, thank you so much for using my blog, if there is anything feel free to contact me.

Last but not least, my family; Alfa my better half, my son (Maxim who actually was born July 28th this year) and Maribell my adorable daughter.

so, happy new year, looking forwrd to meeting you all and blogging more next year!

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