Announcing: BizTalk Helper Beta

Hello People!

Sharing is knowledge, ey?

I’ve been working on a tool for a long time. I still have a bunch of ideas of what to bring into it. Currently I have health checks in it.

So, we’re about to spin this to life and I need to share some more around it all, so lets begin.

What is it?

The BizTalk Helper is there to help me do my job, for instance health checks. We do have a few clients where a really deep dive health check isn’t necessary and a full 200 pages report is overkill. This is something we usually do before we take in a new client under our wings. Or want to do a follow up on one of our current clients to ensure everything is as it should. It’s easy to forget one or two points during a health check unless you have a list you’re going through.

Therefor I decided to put this out online and web-based. It’s still in beta mode, and we have a few professionals both from the community and Microsoft to verify and run through it to see if they find it nice, handy and maybe give some ideas of improvement, and now you can be one of them. This will grant you unlimited access in the future for health checks.

Note that this is a community product and not owned by any company. Everything is 100% safe. You’re health checks can only be viewed by you, however Microsoft can (if they want to) request an anonymous report on which question during the health check most companies fails. (these are just numbers and not anything related to the company that ran the health check or you as a user of the system).

I’ll share some screenshots:


The Control panel gives you and overview of all your available options.




When running a health check you need to put in what version of BizTalk the health check is for, so that the correct questions are loaded.


You can either choose one of the existing clients, or add a new one when you run a health check


Some of the questions require one answers for the general health


Some questions require one answer per machine to get the best out of the health check. Severity is changed based on how bad or good the finding was.


You can view all reports taken, how many questions answered and pick up and complete one that wasn’t finished to complete it.


The health report is divided into the severity of warnings or category like “hardware, network, software etc”.¬† All findings are reported below under each question.

if you want to request access please feel free to do so here:

I hope you like it, and will take advantage of this in the future.


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